Single Family housing

Project Data

Preliminary Design and Execution project Location: Sesimbra
Year: 2004-06
Area: 8 200 m²
Budget: 260 000 €
Architecture: Jorge Manuel Nunes Castelão

In this single family residence the integration was to promote it´s living with an inviting space that serves not only the family but also as a reference for the visitors. In order to achieve a more readable and enriching space it was defined distinct areas of intervention, treated according to their location and function (integration areas, resting areas and recreation and leisure areas).

One of the integration areas is the entrance for automobile, with granite cobblestone pavement, whose boundaries are blurred with limestone cobblestone that serves as a gutter surface drainage. This access is flanked by a rhythmic punctuation of arboreal vegetation that works as landmark. The other integration areas are the hedges that surround the pool which, not only redefines the space and it's value, but also forms a curtain that gives visual privacy to its users and minimises the impact from the outside buildings.

The resting areas are a terrace facing the pool, which can eventually be covered by a pergola, a solarium area, in its continuation, and a small square set over the lake as a more highlighted and intimate space.

Recreational and leisure areas emerge as backup areas for the swimming pool, solarium and other open spaces. These areas include a tennis court, a bike path on limestone gravel with a binder resin, and a garden of spices and aromatic herbs.

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