Trafaria Electrical Substation 150 / 60 kV (REN)

Project Data

Landscape Integration Project
Client: REN
Location: Almada, Portugal
Year: 2005-06
Area: 53 240 m²
Budget: 245 000 €

Concerning the landscape integration project, the intervention strategy is focused on recovering and rebuilding the agricultural hedges as the ones on the substation surroundings. This aim is thus expressed in different strategies, particularly as regards the terrain modelation, or the borders treatment and plantations.

Since this site is located near villages where human presence is noticeable, was intended to perform an integration in an harmonious way into the landscape, and therefore minimizing visual impacts and the generated acoustic impacts as possible. This is achieved by planting hedges of trees and shrubs within the limits, as this would create a visual barrier effect. With this measure, after a few years it will be possible to have this hedges perfectly merged with the surrounding landscape green structure, which somehow have been compromised by the work involved in building the substation.

This project intended as well to incorporate all the lands surplus resulted from the excavation required for the construction of the platform. For that purpose, small modelated landfills were created, which design logic once again increased the concept of the fields compartmentation.

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