Single Family housing

Project Data

Preliminary Design and Project Execution
Client: PLANBELAS - Sociedade Imobiliária, S.A.
Location: Belas Club Campo (Sintra)
Year: 2006
Area: 850 m²
Budget: 40 000 €
Architecture: Thor

The project is focused on the surrounding area of the house, the lawn area, the flower beds and the framing hedges. This is a privileged area, surrounded by high quality long range scenic views. The proposal aims to:

- Create visual references that promote spatial orientation and the legibility of the open space; - Create a natural continuum, providing the necessary conditions for the proper processing of biological and ecological functions of the surrounding landscape; - Create favourable conditions for human comfort, through the introduction of regulatory mechanisms of the microclimate, and the proper location of the different resting places; - Locate and size the green areas according to the needs and expectations of the residents; - Give a adjusted carrying capacity to the different uses, by using appropriated floors and vegetation (with high or low rates of regeneration); - Optimise the management and maintenance.

There were defined and characterised different areas of intervention, depending on their location and function:

- Main entry (car access, reception and framing); - Access to the garden (herb beds, pedestrian access to the garden); - Solarium space (recreation, leisure and contemplation); - Framing green areas (hedges of trees and shrubs).

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