Supermarket Minipreço - Caldas da Rainha

Project Data

Licensing and Design Basis
Client: Dia Portugal Supermercados, S.A.
Location: Caldas da Rainha
Year: 2006
Area: 1 100 m²
Budget: 32 000 €
Architecture: Thor

This project was developed in order to meet the demands of the users, the commercial building, the footpaths, the access and the car parking area, promoting simultaneously their integration into the surrounding landscape.

The west area of the Lot, which is its main front, is marked by trees planted in pits, placed in a first line in front of the parking. The same species is repeated on a second line of the parking, contributing to the unity of the set and ensuring the shade at the same time. Surrounding the lot are planted Fraxinus ornos in a constant and rhythmic manner effortlessly affirming its identity. At the same time the density of planting will create a visual barrier to protect the views from the outside.

The adjacent area of the commercial building, because of its location and size, is the target of a more diversified intervention. This area has a seeded lawn and a composition of several shrubs. The dimensions, textures and colours of these shrubs are variable but guarantee the harmony of the whole and a more naturalised look.

The different species are strategically planted in different areas accordingly to their sizes. Larger specimens along the wall and the smaller next to the lawn, trying to make a fill that follows the geometry of the project.

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