Project of the Expansion of Aveiro Port's Captaincy

Project Data

Execution project
Client: Porto de Aveiro
Location: Aveiro
Year: 2006-08
Area: 5 300 m²
Budget: 150 000 €
Engineering: Estiplano

Jornal Arquitecturas/Vibeiras Young Landscape Architect 2010 AWARD(Ibero-American Edition) Category: Young Professionals

The aim of this project was to create quality green spaces that highlights the formal nature of the Captania do Port de Aveiro. In this more formal space will be held several events, graduation and military high-level receptions. The more informal space is for resting, relaxation and to respond to the needs of sport practises provided in the content of the program. It was necessary to have a spatial organisation that would provide clarity and facilitate the orientation of its users, through the creation of traffic areas, places for resting and framing.

The layout of the cobbled square, near the west facade of the building was based on a design that integrates the metrics of architecture in the outer space, thus enabling a reading of the whole.An intimate space was created close to the buildings, with high levels of comfort, fulfilling the duties of management, recreation, leisure and rest, and that also enables the possibility of other events(including military ceremonies).

The trees are inserted into the pavement's drawing logic and the choice of a single species gives a more formal image to the space. The location of street furniture and technical support infrastructures have the same care in order to help the organisation and spatial coherence. The chosen flooring was sought to reflect the nature of the dominant elements in the environment, as well as the typical materials of the region of Aveiro. The tree pits are defined with clean edges of metal cor-ten steel that makes possible the reading of the space.

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