Parque das Cidades Congress Centre

Project Data

Internacional Competition (1st Place)
Client: Associação de Municípios de Loulé-Faro
Location: Faro-Loulé
Year: 2007
Area: 50 000 m²
Budget: 1 000 000 €
Architecture: Regino Cruz

The open space adopts and embodies, in all its scales, the lines of force that comes from the extension of the two meshes of the structural axes of the building construction, thereby promoting the visual unity of the set.

This project is founded on the following objectives: sustainability and minimisation of maintenance needs (through the use of specific species from the Barrocal Algarvio, the lowering of the topographic elevation of the shrub areas and the reuse of rainwater for irrigation), thermal comfort (through the use of shade and protection from the wind); readability / articulation of the relations inside-outside (through the strategic use of materials in common) and suitability for the site (through material and project solutions alluding to the Barrocal Algarvio, enhance the interest of the outdoor spaces and the promotion of natural and scientific values of the barrocal).

The space is divided into three main areas which correspond to three specific project solutions: access and the main pedestrian crossing space , with predominant exposure to the west and the character of urban qualified plaza with large scale and presence; entrance space, reserved for the administration, with exposure predominantly to the north, small scale, with a more private character, with the use of higher quality materials with ornamental interest; courtyards of the level 0 and level 1 on natural terrain and cover, respectively, continuing the interior / exterior articulated dialogue.

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