Nature Tourism - Solar de São Mamede

Project Data

Execution Project
Client: Solar de São Mamede
Location: São Salvador da Aramenha (Marvão - Portugal)
Year: 2007-11
Area: 9 210 m²
Budget: 150 000 €

The project for TER Solar de Sao Mamede focuses on the outdoor areas surrounding the hotel building, including access, car parking, ornamental spaces attached to the rest areas, and a lawn that makes the connection between the rooms and the natural surroundings. It was also predicted an area of approximately 2000m² aimed as integration green spaces, recreation and leisure, with the creation of small niches and specific interventions with the planting of taller trees.

Between the reception, the pool deck and the entrance of the restaurant area, it was created a series of ramps and walkways, in accordance with DL 163/2006 in order to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility. Next to the pool and the water wells were created conditions of stay and enjoy the landscape, including the installation of appropriate furniture, flooring, lighting and scenic vegetation.

The terrain was slightly modeled in order to highlight the existing agricultural terraces and create conditions for the installation of equipment, ease access and the integration of the various intended uses.

At the reception it was created a rest area with the proper framework using the vegetation from the car park in order to protect and ensure the privacy of the guests. Along the housing units were created small shrub hedges , which will be responsible for its individualization and identification from the garden. Between the housing units and the pool will be installed an ornamental lawn, flanked by sets of buches. In the remaining area will be installed a flowered meadow, with low maintenance and low necessity for irrigation.

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