Landscape Integration of mining infrastructure - Neves Corvo Mine

Project Data

Execution Project
Client: SOMINCOR, S.A.
Location: Santa Bárbara de Padrões (Castro Verde - Portugal)
Year: 2012
Area: 5 867 m²
Budget: 105 740 €

This project corresponds to the external spaces of the new section to be implemented on the connection of the wastewater treatment plant to the Cerro do Lobo Dam.

The project focuses on the treatment of the slopes and green areas adjacent to the road, thus ensuring a permanent and adequate cover. This intervention should therefore minimise the environmental impacts resulting from the construction of this new route, since it inevitably induces changes in the landscape. Therefore the solution is aimed to integrate the infrastructure into the landscape, such as limiting the viewing of the lorry traffic by the users of the public road outside Couto Miner and the adequate intervention on the soils affected by earthworks in accordance to both ecological and aesthetic principles providing functional and economic conditions necessary for its management.

Although inserted in a mining complex, the new infrastructure is inserted in a rural context next to some roads and settlements. The intention is to promote a harmonious and permanent integration of this new road with the surrounding area, ensuring the ecological functions of this site.

The achievement of a sustainable framework is intended through a series of actions aimed at mitigating the morphological and visual impacts on the environment, essentially based on a rational use of the local vegetation adapted to the soil and climatic conditions as well as to the functional conditions imposed by the infrastructure.

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