Project for the Reordering, Requalification and Valuation of Barrinha and Mira Lagoon and Mar Lagoon

Project Data

Design Competition (1st Place)
Client: POLIS Litoral Ria de Aveiro
Location: Barrinha, Lagoa (Mira)
Year: 2010
Area: 80 000 m²
Budget: 1 160 000 €

The intervention aims to restructure and naturalise the ponds and riparian margins, preserve the natural heritage, locate correctly the infrastructures and consolidate and protect the lagoon system. It is also part of the project the regeneration of the degraded areas witch are essential for the biophysical balance of the estuary.The valorization of the ponds landscape is achieved through the creation of conditions that allow the future recognition of this area as a space for public enjoyment, fitted with suitable furniture and equipment, which lead to an effective ownership and living of the spaces in a environmentally and economically sustainable way.

In Barrinha, the intervention aims: the redevelopment of the waterfront by placing a bike lane and a pedestrian path on deck cantilevered over the pond, the treatment of the Haystack Museum's surrounding and the new Nautical Club, the creation of conditions for new and existing recreational and leisure uses in the Urban Park.

The intervention in Lago do Mar includes the construction of a structure for nature and bird watching and the resolution of conflicts arising from traffic and park abusing along the banks with the formalisation of a pedestrian route.

The proposal for the Lagoon of Mira aims to improve the current uses, through the creation of infrastructure to support fishing, the creation of a cycling route, the application of some furniture and a post for bird watching.

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