Project for the Urban Requalification of Quinta da Mina and Cidade Sol

Project Data

Design Competition
Client: Câmara Municipal do Barreiro
Location: Cidade Sol
Year: 2010
Area: 30 000 m²
Budget: 2 300 000 €

The project includes the Quinta da Mina and a social neighbourhood with 13 buildings in an area of 30 ha.

Along with the urban regeneration and the creation of better comfort and living conditions is the promotion of the public enjoyment of the whole area in order to integrate the different communities present in the area. In this proposal the promotion of social activities is boosted by the qualification of the public space and the creation of infrastructures to support it. The intervention includes the implementation of sustainable mobility, support structures to recreational and sport activities, the creation of living spaces and facilities for cultural dissemination.


- Provide the empty, waiting areas with new infrastructure and/or new functionality; - Rearrange the parking and improve the pedestrian and automobile circulation; - Improve social and neighbourhood relations through the creation of living and leisure spaces; - Promote the integration of the urban area on the landscape by strengthening and upgrading the green structure (system of green corridors and Quinta da Mina park); - Improve safety, comfort and sustainability (through lighting strategies and the section of the streets).

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