Coastal Zone Management Plan for the Ilha do Pessegueiro beach

Project Data

Design Competition (4th place)
Client: POLIS Litoral Sudoeste
Location: Praia da Ilha do Pessegueiro (Sines - Portugal)
Year: 2010
Area: 140 000 m²
Budget: 350 000 €
Architecture: Ana Margarida Magalhães

This project aims to achieved a set of solutions that enhances the public bathing area, including the proper implementation of infrastructure support, and simultaneously preserving the natural resources and cultural heritage, among which the Forte de Dentro do Pessegueiro, an important example of military architecture of the seventeenth century.

The adopted measures take into account the quality criteria underlined by the blue beach and beach access awards, as the following: planning, delineation and regulation of street traffic and car parking; upgrading the pedestrian access to the beach, improving their conditions of comfort and safety; planning of the pedestrian circulation around the Fort; the creation a observation point; the creation of simple beach facilities and minimum beach facilities, according to the characteristics defined in POOC; the demolition of the existing restaurant and the definition of a new location for its implementation, as well as the main features of the new building; the definition of the rest areas properly equipped; dune recovery by strengthening the vegetation with the placement of physical barriers (sand retention structures); the beach management, by defining specific areas for the different activities; the placing of signs alluding to the rules for bathing and information about the existing natural values and heritage; landscape vaporisation of the new of the area surrounding the fort; and the interdiction of access to areas at risk, through the use of barriers, signage and reinforcement of the green material as a deterrent.

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