Project Elaboration of Requalification and Improvement of Pateira de Fermentelos - Creation of Pedestrian and Bicycle Paths

Project Data

Design Competition (3rd place)
Client: POLIS Litoral Ria de Aveiro
Location: Pateira de Fermentelos(Aveiro/Oliveira do Bairro/Águeda - Portugal)
Year: 2011
Area: 21 700 m²
Budget: 1 040 000 €

In addition to the ensurement of the scenic experience and the protection of the natural systems it is created the conditions for the development of recreational, cultural and environmental activities. In order to reinforce the image of the set, paths and other elements proposed grasp the features of the landscape.

The proposal includes: the construction of pedestrian cycle paths; the adaptation of the existing routes to the mixed movement conjugated with the traffic from agricultural activities; the construction of platforms to support fishing and bird watching, the construction of wooden bridges on the Pateira for contemplation and continuity of the route; the placement of territorial and informational signage (with tourist and environmental purposes); the creation rest zones fit for leisure and contemplation; the requalification of the surrounding green areas including cleaning the banks and restoring the vegetation; the creation of new vegetation zones with the eradication of invasive species and enhancement of native vegetation and riparian gallery; and the creation of support equipment and infrastructure by placing right furniture.

The verticality "misaligned" of the elements that emerging from the body of water that serve as backdrop to the margins of Pateira (wooden docks, massive trees, ...) inspires the language used on the staging points.

Given certain characteristics of the route (seasonal flooding, periods of nesting and occurrence of some migratory birds), the information panels include a pace for placement and removal of temporary information by the use of metal plates that are fixed in a wooden beam.

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