Project for the General Requalification of the Pedestrian Main Way in Marvila (Lisbon)

Project Data

Design Competition (1st Place)
Client: Lisbon City Hall
Location: Chelas, Marvila (Lisbon)
Year: 2011
Area: 20 300 m²
Budget: 1 128 000 €

The intervention focuses on a path bordered by residential buildings associated with commercial spaces that was initially drawn to be a path just for pedestrian use. It is intended to give back to this place its central character, with the ability to attract visitors and be attractive for the residents at the same time.

The project's main objective was to solve mobility issues, which currently have some degree of conflict. The adopted measures include: creating a space with its own identity, providing expectant areas with new features and infrastructures; organise the parking areas and improve the pedestrian and automobile circulation conditions, with prevalence of the first over the second; improving social and neighbourhood relations through living and leisure spaces and the promotion of initiatives that call for the participation of the population; reformulation and reinforcement of the green structure; adoption of materials and solutions with high durability and low maintenance, improving energy efficiency and water management.

It was also thought a space for temporary exhibitions (photography, painting, poetry,...), the delimitation of green zones spreaded in different plots available for the residents to cultivate ornamental plants; annual contests to decorate the trees (coating the trunks through patterned fabrics or paintings done by children or elderly); the placement of kiosks that provide some services to the population (such as board games, books, Internet point, collections exchange, sale of newspapers, …).

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