Project for the Reordering and Qualification of Estarreja's Lagunar Front - Ribeira do Mourão Wharf and Veiros Creek

Project Data

Design Competition (1st place)
Client: POLIS Litoral Ria de Aveiro
Location: Veiros e Avanca (Estarreja)
Year: 2011
Area: 33 700 m²
Budget: 450 000 €

The intervention in Ribeira Mourão foresees the expansion of the existing park to the east, where the language and materials are maintained and extended from the existing lines of force. The creation of a tree structure (previously non-existent in the whole area) allows the formation of shading areas particularly in the rest areas. To the west is formalised a path with a organic trace and with a falling metric, occasionally marked by links to the small wooden docks. At the end of this path is built a bird watching post, slightly raised.

The churchyard of the Nª Srª da Ribeira chapel, in the Estero Veiros, is drawn on a compatible metric with the existing tree structure, leading to improve some of the visual alignments. Based on this set is created a play of transverse crossings, rest points with a bank-wall structure, beds of ferns, and a playground. The square of connection between the churchyard and the dock results in an extension of these axes, materialised in trees alignments and a stereotomy of several granite floors. The project also includes the redevelopment of the entire pier surrounding, the creation of a parking lot to support the church use, a weir to maintain the level of water on the creek, and a bird watching structure.

In particular we highlight the recovery and execution of containment structures on the lagoon margins, using the combination of natural engineering techniques, such as fascines, braids, foliage mats... The twisted wicker coating of the bird watching points is blended with living fascines on the base of the structures for better concealment and connection with the surroundings.

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