Project for the Requalification and Valorization of Pateira de Fermentelos – Parks of Espinhel, Requeixo and Carregal

Project Data

Design Competition (1st place)
Client: POLIS: Litoral Ria de Aveiro
Location: Pateira de Fermentelos (Aveiro/Águeda - Portugal)
Year: 2011
Area: 40 000 m²
Budget: 550 000 €
Architecture: Maria Romão

The project consists on the Intervention of three parks located on the banks of the Pateira de Fermentelos, and distributed by the councils of Agueda (Espinhel) and Aveiro (Requeixo and Carregal).

In Park de Espinhel, besides the recovery of the picnic area, it was thought the reception and uses related to school visits and recreational youth, formalised in the recovery and extension of the existing playground, creation of a reception square and utilisation of the existing pergola for workshop activities of environmental interpretation and education, complemented by an herbarium of native plants. The intervention also includes the creation of bike parks (including electric bikes), the construction of a court for beach volley ball and football, and the creation of a wharf for the aquatic harvester responsible for the elimination of the water hyacinth and other weeds that occur in the water plan of Pateira. Next to the wharf it was proposed a lattice structures for composting the organic waste collected by the harvester. Although along the shores meadows adopt a clean language a network of micromodelization allows the enhancement of the dynamics of this site, which is flooded during the winter by the rising of sea levels. Besides highlighting the spirit of place, the proposal turns the space in to a decoded area able to enhance informal resting and recreational uses.

In the Requeixo park is rebuilt a new support building and a new stage area, reclassifying the picnic area and building a bird watching post that rises above the water level.

In Carregal Park, besides the redevelopment of existing uses, it was deployed a new support building, a playground, a fitness circuit, and a bird watching tower.

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