Lisbon Airport - Playground

Project Data

Preliminary Study
Client: ANA, Aeroportos de Portugal, S.A.
Location: Lisbon
Year: 2011
Area: 2 380 m²
Budget: 210 000 €

The proposal addresses an expectant space between the arrivals square and the park 3 of Portela Airport in Lisbon. Along the traffic routes the terrain is flat, going down when it approaches the car park. Besides being a slope, the area of intervention is crossed by a bridge that connects to the Avenida de Berlin, and whose visual impact is enhanced across the square. The objective we to design a playground associated with a rest area that serves and attracts users and visitors who for some reason have to wait next to these facilities.

The design of the proposal uses some of the streets lines, but relies primarily on the metric of the two vents of the underground parking that end up being incorporated into the project and obscured by flower beds and benches. It is proposed a shade sail under the overpass, with the main function of allowing the shading of a part of the resting and recreational area. Also, along the overpass, the installation of a series of misting nozzles aims to provide a fresh and pleasant environment for the users of this space.

The treatment of green areas was soughted to reproduce the language already used in the surrounding areas. Thus resorted to lawns, dotted with the planting of palm trees and small to medium sized trees with ornamental character, as some herbaceous and shrub patches, including Juniperus horizontalis and Strelizia reginae. The aim is also that the combined solution of the plants, the misting nozzles and the shade sail with its layout attenuate the presence of the viaduct.

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