Project for Parking, Bridge and Access to Faro Beach

Project Data

Design Competition and execution project
Client: POLIS Litoral Ria Formosa
Location: Faro
Year: 2011
Area: 72 650 m²
Budget: 3 650 000 €
Engineering: R5Engenharia

The intervention includes mainly two components: the bridge and access to Faro Beach, and the parking area that occupies the waiting area between the airport of Faro and the Ria Formosa lagoon system.

The car park provides 925 seats (including buses, cars and people with reduced mobility). The intervention intendeds to respect the natural values and other constraints, using permeable pavements, incorporating the physiography of the land in its design, moving away as munch as possible from wetlands… The implementation methodology is based on three modular solutions to the parking, where the ratio of parking area and green space decreases with the proximity to the marsh land.

The project also includes the restructuring of the access road to Faro Beach, by improving the general characteristics of the route, creating conditions for cycling and pedestrian accessibility, and the conditioning of car access to the barrier island of Faro. At the same time it's intended to restore the natural circulation of water in the estuaries, currently constrained by the land fill where the refered path is developed, and near the island of Faro through the foundation of the existing bridge.

The intention for the bridge proposal was to make it work as a invitation card of the island itself, adopting an organic and less intrusive language, using the elements of the surrounding landscape. In this sense, the proposed geometry is inspired by the geometry of the dunes, resulting in the perceived softness of the lines in its path.

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