New City Park at Quinta do Chinco: Design works for Carapalha’s Urban and Theme Park

Project Data

Design Competition (2nd place)
Client: Castelo Branco City Hall
Location: Castelo Branco, Portugal
Year: 2012
Area: 32 000 m²
Budget: 2 000 000 €

The project's main goal was to create a theme park on the rural traditions of Beira Interior, allowing to recover the link between man and the natural environment of the region.

The intention was to create here a recreational hub with a strong educational component in environment, agriculture and ethnographic culture, able to attract not only local residents but also visitors, students and tourists from other regions.

The park was conceived as a space that integrates two main features: teaching / training (associated to its theme), and leisure purposes. Accord to this, it were designed thematic spaces (as an educational farm), resting and circulation areas, playgrounds, rooms for workshops, an exhibition space, a terrace with cafeteria service, and exercise equipment for seniors, maintaining the connection to the rurality and sustainability (either economically or from an environmental standpoint).

In addition to these human funcionalities, still exists into the underlying design and programs of the park, an assurance of functions associated to energy racionality, biodiversity conservation, and others. More than reproducing a typical ambiance or rural practices of the region, the park uses ancestral techniques and solutions adapted to contemporary concerns (economic, ecological and energy).

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