Restoration of the Natural Conditions and Protection of the Coastal Systems at Santo André

Project Data

Design Competition (1st Place)
Client: POLIS Litoral Sudoeste
Location: Santo André (Santiago do Cacém)
Year: 2012
Area: 200 000 m²
Budget: 680 000 €

The intervention is located in the municipality of Santiago Cacém at Santo André beach, and focuses on the recovery and safeguard of the dunes and lagoons ecossystems, as the control and discipline of the human occupation related to the beach activities. It were defined the accesses to the beach area through wooden walkways with comfort conditions and resting spots for beach users. Some of these pathways are still harnessed towards environmental interpretation and awareness.

Based on floristic survey and the zoning of the beach-dune system, was set up a strategy to protect and restore these ecosystems. Were adopted techniques to control invasive species, consolidate the dune morphology through plantations and its reconstruction using brushwoods for captation of sediments.

It was also planned an intensification of these solutions in heavily degraded areas, affected by weed vegetation or areas currently occupied by the existing restaurants which demolition is predicted according the implementation of the Coastal Plan (POOC – Plano de Ordenamento de Orla Costeira).

It's also subject of intervention the creation of a parking lot to support the beach users, being presented two alternative proposals – a temporary one due the existing spatial constraints, and a permanent one possible after applied the Detailed Zoning Plan (PP – Plano de Pormenor).

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