Ideas Competition for the Urban Regeneration of an area located at the Historic Center of Viana do Castelo

Project Data

Ideas Competition (Honorable Mention)
Client: Viana do Castelo Municipality
Location: Viana do Castelo, Portugal
Year: 2013
Area: 43 000 m²
Budget: 11 545 626,20 €

Based on a previous phase of analysis and diagnostic, with the identification of the main vulnerabilities of the intervention area, the proposal is set upon two development axes, Art & Design and Technology - with a particular focus on renewable energies, the city's artistic production and its strong connection to sea and the environment.

Its intended that the group of proposals produces effects beyond the limits of the intervention area, assuming itself as an element for regional and trans regional promotion and development. At the level of art and design, the reinforcement of existing architectural heritage will allow actions of reinterpretation and structural enhancement. This phased proposal aims to regenerate the urban tissue of the intervention area and is structured around three functional activity axis: tourism & leisure; services & equipments; habitation & livability.

This proposal intends to generate reference centers able to serve and attract different kinds of target users to the intervention area specifically and globally to all of Viana do Castelo. The general dimensioning criteria were organized in four strategic objectives: public space enhancement; generation of facilitator elements; enhancement of the built environment; promotion of social relations and the overall improvement of accesses and mobility. Through the evaluation of the urban structure and the buildings of the intervention area a series of intervention degrees were set, according to the conservation status, economic viability and potential to integrate the facilitator elements, both in the fields of functional revitalization and / or volumetric integration.

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