Public Competition for the City Park of Esposende

Project Data

Design Competition
Client: Esposende Municipality
Location: Esposende, Portugal
Year: 2013
Area: 180 000 m²
Budget: 2 569 456,50 €

The intervention proposal aimed to conceive a coherent and attractive language, intended to reestablish the connection between the Green Park and the city. As starting point for the intervention concept, both the ecologically sensitive areas and the best suited places to locate leisure and sport activities were identified. Upon this criteria and without loosing the cohesion and the set reading, an intervention was drawn based on these two distinct characters. Therefore, the more naturalized intervention became associated with the areas of salt marshes and riverbanks; the South area in close relation with existing agricultural spaces will harbor the equipments previewed by the program, also performing as a transition area between the urban tissue and the river margin. The articulation of spaces is made with a network of pathways drawn based on the preferential circulatory fluxes and on the urban connecting axis.

The built equipment ensemble proposed for the Urban Park is the result of a structural and functional analysis of the intervention area and its immediate surroundings; the goal of this new constructions is to fill several gaps on the preexisting Esposende urban structure, articulating the different solutions with strategies of cultural, leisure, environmental and urban promotion, advocated by the global proposal.

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