International Competition - Public Spaces - Urban farm park, public and open spaces at Bernex-Cofignon

Project Data

International Design Competition
Client: République et Canton de Genève
Location: Bernex-Confignon, Geneva, Switzerland
Year: 2013
Area: 95 000 m²
Budget: 5 491 640,78 €

The development of the new farm park has its origin on the conceptual placement of a wide visual corridor, providing an inviting panoramic view to the approaching observers. This interpretation was the result of a game of oppositions between the central empty space and the surrounding densely planted areas. The integration in the park's structure of the functions and elements proposed by the plan was based on a contemporary approach to the Roman territorial organization in urbe, ager and silva. The identification of the existing force lines derived from the surrounding urban mesh, became fundamental to the drawing of the park.

The main entrance placed South, was formalized into a square for which a market building opens itself. This centrality integrates at the same time a sculpture bridge - designated as "Beautiful Bridge" - that serves both as an amphitheater an a panoramic observation spot.

Eastwards, various spaces for diversified active living activities and a core of pedagogical vegetable gardens were proposed. Up North several stay areas were placed, alongside the agricultural support building and a set of greenhouses and plots for family agriculture. In the further North edge of the intervention area, the plan proposes the placement of a multifunctional space for the staging of exhibitions and events. The forest strip set westwards was intended to work in a logic msimilar to a green corridor, connecting the ecologic systems North and South of the intervention area. The consolidation of the arboreal mass appears in opposition to the agricultural space, with the placement of clearings, intended to act as transition between the two areas.

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