Public Design Competition for Setúbal Municipal Library

Project Data

Design Competition
Client: Setúbal Municipality
Location: Setúbal, Portugal
Year: 2013
Area: 3 195 m²
Budget: 3 652 509,58 €

The project for the new Setúbal Municipal Library and parking lot building, also includes an intervention proposal for the square and the new buildings surrounding spaces. The solution drawn for the exterior is set on establishing a direct dialogue with the built environment, assuring the connection to the already existing elements and the several uses of this space, including a temporal factor by preserving the memory of the former "Passeio do Lago" garden. Globally, several circulation corridors in porous concrete were placed to ensure the connections across the square. These pathways were set to conciliate the auditorium force lines with the several functional spaces of the buildings and the tending circulation flows.

The buildings volumetry is set - formally and functionally, upon the principle of transparency, obviating physical and visual relational proximity between the equipments, the surroundings and the square seasonal experiences. The library has as its main characteristic the fact of presenting itself raised from the ground plan, releasing the floor area for circulatory flows, observation and other activities. With this comprehensive proposal, the plan intends to contribute for the revitalization of the local urban tissue, offering to the users and residents quality urban spaces and equipments, able to assume a role as positive change generators in a fragile urban context and overall social-economic uncertainty.

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